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Welcome to the "World's Littlest Skyscraper".

What is the littlest skyscraper you ask?

world's littlest skyscrapper The "littlest skyscraper" is the result of a infamous scam that occurred in 1919. As legend has it, petroleum land man J.D. McMahon gathered a group of investors to embark on his journey to build a high rise annex to the Newby Building that would house the newly wealthy city's urgent need for office space. McMahon was rumored to have collected $200,000 from investors to construct the promised Skyscraper, but as the building took shape it was clear the investors had been scammed. His argument? The drawings the investors signed off on were scaled in inches rather than feet. Instead of a skyscraper measuring 480’ tall, it was a mere 4 stories high reaching only 40' (480") tall! The interior dimensions per floor measure 10’ x 12’ and includes an internal steep staircase occupying roughly 25% of the interior area!

The Newby-McMahon Building, aka the littlest skyscraper, is on the National Register of Historic Places and is situated at 701 LaSalle Street (corner of 7th & LaSalle Streets) downtown Wichita Falls, Texas.

Modern day, the skyscraper houses multiple artists, and is connected to a unique furniture boutique called Hello Again! The shop encompasses the storefronts of the Newby-McMahon building & continues the boutique experience to the upper levels of the skyscraper.

The World's Littlest Skyscraper" is open for viewing Tuesday - Friday 10am to 5:30pm & Saturday 10am to 4:00pm.

world's littlest skyscrapper